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Are you getting your needs met?

Are you lacking sleep, rest, peace of mind, energy or emotional support? Perhaps at times you feel overwhelmed at having to do it all yourself.

How do you cope when you are feeling like this?

  • Do you bury your head by over caring for others or by ‘doing’ more?

  • Do you cut yourself off from your support system- your family and friends?

  • Perhaps you get engrossed in your computer, TV, food, alcohol etc

What do you really need?

In what ways do you deny yourself what you really need? The key to recognising what needs to change is by becoming aware of your response.

How often have you said or thought the following:

  • I have to do everything myself

  • Nobody values what I do for them

  • My partner / kids/ family takes up all of my time

  • I never have enough time for me

Now consider what you are really saying:

  • I don’t ask for help / allow others to help me

  • I over give / care so that people expect me to do it / take me for granted / don't value me

  • I’ve chosen to give my partner’s / kids/ family’s needs priority over mine

  • I don’t make time for me

Whenever you are feeling that you aren’t getting your needs met ask yourself the following questions:

  • What am I feeling?

  • Who or what is making me choose to feel this way?

  • What do I really need /desire?

  • What can I let go of?

Write your answers in as much detail as possible as this will help you discover what you really need.

Spend the next few weeks becoming the expert of the ways, large and small, that you have been denying yourself. You may be surprised how easy it is!

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