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Your body keeps the score

Your body remembers every single one of your life experiences from the happy ones such as holding your first pet or your grandmother’s hug to the more painful ones such as being bullied, bereaved or a going through a relationship breakup.

All of these memories are ‘filed' in your aura or energy field which is a dynamic energetic lattice interconnected with your physical body.

When your energy is freely flowing throughout your energy system you feel healthy and strong. Happiness, love, freedom and joy all have a higher vibration and as you know, when you’re happy your whole body feels good and you feel like you can do anything.

It’s when people find it hard to deal with their feelings at a stressful time that they may bury the memory and/or the feelings. Unresolved trauma, negative beliefs, self sabotage or injury block your energy flow and become locked into your energy field. The same goes for hanging onto emotions such as fear, depression, guilt, anger, jealousy, blame etc. These all have a lower vibration which make you feel heavy, overwhelmed or stuck.

These blocks can then create a blueprint for physical or emotional pain (or feeling stuck, overwhelmed etc.) and having the life and health you want will feel like a struggle.

If you keep attracting the same situations time after time or ‘crap keeps happening' then take a look at what you are consistently thinking and feeling. What you're seeing is a reflection of what's happening in your energy.

Remember that whatever has happened in your past or even what’s happening right now doesn’t define who you are or need to hold you back.

When you shift your energy and perspective you’ll change the way you feel and that’s when the magic can really happen.

I’d love to chat with you about how I can support you in reaching that goal.

Leave a comment below or send me a message I’m here to help!

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