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Change your limiting beliefs once and for all

Your beliefs are the lens through which you view the world. They filter what you see so you will notice those things that fit in with your beliefs and ignore those that don’t.

When your beliefs are in alignment with what you wish for everything seems to go well and happen as you want. If they’re not then things will tend not to change or you’ll feel stuck and you may even encounter the same scenarios/ situations time after time.

The good news is,

you can change your limiting beliefs and replace them with beliefs that empower you

So how do you do this?

State the problem

  • “I have to work hard for a living.”

  • “I’m not good enough.”

  • “I’ll always be alone.”

  • “I’ll never be slim.”

State all the possible reasons for that belief

Write down whatever comes into your head that completes the sentence as fast as you can and without judgement.

Say the “because” sentence again and write whatever comes into your head this time as fast as you can and without judgements.

  • “I have to work hard for a living because…”

  • “I not good enough because…”

  • “I am alone because …”

  • “I’ll never be slim because…”

Do this as quickly as possible. That way the information floats up from your unconscious without being blocked by your analytical mind. The aim here is to get as many reasons as possible, so put your judgement aside for this process.

Assess the feeling behind your beliefs

Work through your list of ‘because’ sentences, saying each out loud.

How true does each FEEL on a scale of 0-10 where 0 is false and 10 is 100% true.

Forget how true it is logically.

Now take a look at that belief:

  • Do I really know that this is true?

  • Where did I come up with this belief?

  • What pain or fear lies behind the belief?

  • What would happen when you find a way to change it?

It's time to change those beliefs

Close your eyes and once again visualise the scene that contributed towards you forming this belief. Now imagine that this image in your mind has gone dim, as if someone dimmed the light. Now see that image is moving away from you into the distance and as it does so it also becomes blurry. Continue to watch as the image gets smaller and smaller until it disappears altogether. Take a deep breath in and let it go…

Create a new belief that serves you

This will be the opposite of the limiting belief or at least something along those lines.

How would your behaviour change if that belief were eliminated from your life? Now see yourself how you want to be- happy in a relationship/ doing work you love and are well rewarded for/ experiencing vibrant health / being your ideal healthy weight etc.

Go and step into that person and look around at the details of this scene.

  • What do you see around you? Now make this image slightly brighter, as if someone had shone a bright light onto the scene.

  • What do you hear? Make the sounds louder.

  • Touch something in your environment.

  • Really feel the emotions of that moment. Make them stronger….and stronger. Continue to imagine this scene until it is in its biggest brightest form.

How do you feel now on a scale of 1-10?

Repeat your original statement. Does it still bother you in the same way? If you still feel an emotional reaction towards it repeat the process until the emotion has gone.

There are many ways to change your beliefs and this is just one that you can do yourself.

When you clear the emotion that is supporting your belief, the belief will disappear and your limited vision of the situation will expand. New opportunities seem to magically appear. They were actually there all along it’s just that you didn’t see them before with those 'belief blinkers' on. Life flows much better when you expand your awareness.

Get in touch if you need a hand with it ... we can do it together and it's really very easy and extremely effective!

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