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Conditions Helped

Dynamic Healing does not diagnose or treat symptoms or diseases, it goes deeper by addressing the underlying causes and the stress they create in your body to create lasting change.

 Addictive behaviours
 Blood sugar problems (Hypoglycaemia)
 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
 Difficulty in moving on in life
 Digestive problems
 Environmental sensitivities (e.g. mercury, bleach, pollen, mobile phones)
 Fears and Phobias
 Food sensitivities or intolerances
 Headaches, migraines
 High cholesterol

 Low energy

 Menstrual /menopausal problems
 Relationship difficulties
 Trauma, PTSD

 Self-sabotage patterns
 Weight problems

This list is not exhaustive and if you have a problem that isn't listed here I may still be able to help. Please contact me for more information.

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