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Could your adrenals be the source of your symptoms?

We often live life in a rush, and when health problems appear, we tend to seek a quick fix and cover the symptoms with a pill. At first, everything seems fine… but the unresolved issues add up and our symptoms can worsen eventually leading to chronic pain, disease and even worse - premature death.

Stress is most commonly the cause. Even if we don't FEEL stressed it can still affect us.

When your energy is high, it’s easy to take on too much, stay up late, and push yourself hard. This is fine for a short time but living off adrenaline long term is a bit like money burning a hole in your pocket. Before you know it, you’ve splurged the energy you had and are left without reserves.

Do you wake up feeling drained, exhausted or lethargic?

You need several cups of coffee in the morning to get going only to find your energy returns later in the day, then you don't sleep well when you get to bed.

Are you stressed, anxious or overwhelmed?

You are always 'on the go’, even if you feel tired. Maybe you 'think too much' and find it impossible to relax or use alcohol, cigarettes or drugs to do so.


Do you suffer from fears, phobias or panic attacks?

Do you have digestive upsets or food intolerances?

Are you experiencing indigestion, constipation, 'irritable bowel' or bloating?

Is your life is going around in circles?

You're experiencing the same situations / emotions again and again feeling like you are stuck in a rut. Are you replaying painful memories and can't let go? Are you finding it hard to break-free from unhealthy patterns and unable to move forward?

Stressed woman with head in hands

Do you want your life back?

What if you could resolve the underlying causes of your symptoms so you can experience peace of mind and vibrant health? Imagine what life would be like if you could:


  •  Change how you react to stressful situations and traumatic memories 

  •  Relieve your symptoms

  •  Sleep like a baby and awake refreshed

  •  Have the energy to do everything you want 

  •  Be free of negative thought patterns, bad feelings, self sabotage and bad habits


Did you answer yes to one or more of the above?


Then you are in the right place to discover some breakthroughs about releasing your symptoms, once and for all. If you are literally ''sick'' of treating your symptoms & never addressing the root cause  - then read on...

The answer is inside of you

Whenever something goes wrong in our body, there is always a deeper reason why. Our symptoms are indicators of what is happening with us emotionally, mentally, and psychologically. We only need to learn to pay attention and listen.

Trauma, limiting beliefs, energy blocks or ancestral patterns can all create resistance in our energy. Fear, depression, guilt, anger, jealousy, blame and overwhelm are all slower energies that can make us feel stuck or can pull us back. When our energy, thoughts and emotions are out of alignment having the life and health we want will feel like a struggle.


Your symptoms are a message from your body that something is out of balance with your life. The longer you hold onto these negative aspects the more serious the effects. It is much better to deal with that message sooner rather than later when the body starts 'shouting at you' to listen.


Illness is an opportunity for your body and life to be transformed at the deepest level!

Let me help you

I help people with seemingly insurmountable challenges turn themselves around. Especially where they have tried other methods without success.

Dynamic Healing is a revolutionary healing system that taps into your body's intelligence. This unique system of healing evolved from working in the energy therapy/ energy psychology field since 1998. 


It finds and clears the underlying emotional and energetic causes of your symptoms and frees you from life-long blocks, crippling emotions, patterns and beliefs that hold you back.


Rapid results are achieved by intuitive investigation using a unique combination of the following: Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Kinesiology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Eastern Medicine principles, Akashic Record Clearing, Soul Retrieval, Pranic Healing, Energetic remedies and Nutrition.


Are you ready to make positive changes & take control of your health?

If any of this resonates with you or you have any questions on how to transform your life I offer a Free 30 minute no obligation call, where I will help you discover your first steps to having vibrant health. 

Are you ready to start your journey?

Do you want to feel vibrant, energised and radiant?

Click the button below and let's begin.


I work from my clinic in Dorset, UK and also hold distance consultations around the world via Zoom/ Skype. We are all connected and the effectiveness is the same whether you are in the room or on the other side of the world. 


Take this first step now and discover a happier and healthier you! 


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